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We advance the work of progressive organizations, advocacy campaigns and social good startups around the world.

We focus on bridging the gap between storytelling and engagement to help organize more powerful movements.

We would love to help you tell your story, empower people with inspiring content, and develop member-driven strategies that scale up change to meet the complex challenges facing our communities and planet.

Future Community

Future Community is about how people build the future. We’re looking at ideas, innovations and inspirations that help people build the communities, memberships, governments and organizations that are equal, hopeful, just and, well, to put it simply: good for everyone.

You’ll also get some updates on progressive political organizing, climate, books and music.

If you’ve been around a while you may know that this newsletter used to be called Bright Ideas and was more centered on nonprofit management.

What We Do

Bright+3 exists to help progressive campaigns, organizations, and networks find and tell stories that extend reach, build people power and scale up change to better meet the complex challenges facing communities and the planet.

We use content strategy, storytelling and data to do this work.

We help organizations find their story, build networks, and share content the builds power across networks.

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About Us

Bright+3 was founded in 2012 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Ted Fickes founded and leads Bright+3. Ted has 25 years of experience in US and global nonprofit communities. In that time, he has developed content, digital and fundraising strategies for a range of grassroots campaigns, NGOs, social venture startups and progressive political campaigns.

Current and recent clients include Mobilisation Lab, United for Iran, Greenpeace International, The Wilderness Society, Greenpeace UK, the Case Foundation, Kindling Group and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

We’ve also partnered with Rad Campaign on digital strategy projects supporting Human Rights Campaign and American Heart Association. Past clients include Sierra Club, Brandons Arms, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, Blue Shield of California Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council and the Global Dialogue for Effective Stop-Smoking Campaigns.

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