Better Data : Better Content

Organizations are creating blog posts, reports, articles, social media posts, videos, audio, websites and much more. This content takes staff (or consulting or volunteer) time and money that could be used elsewhere.

We love content and storytelling. But if you can’t connect content to data–and use meaningful metrics to inform content strategy–you’re not accomplishing much, possibly wasting money, minimizing impact, and quite likely running teams of people who don’t know why they’re doing the work.

We combine a focus on content development, audience analysis, and extensive experience with non-profit and campaign data to help leaders create data learning programs that inform content development, fundraising, marketing, social media and more.

We also created The Content Survey—a project to help organization better understand the relationship between content and data. In 2015, The Content Survey interviewed nearly 70 organizations around the world. Learn more about what we found.