Organizational Effectiveness

Most organizations and leaders are struggling to keep up with the change-driven pressures that digital are placing on them. There are more communications channels than ever, we’re quickly buried in data, and individuals outside the organization have the tools to create power that can both support and tear down organizations.

How do we organize our leadership and staff for digital success? How do we train and support our staff? How do we manage digital channels, social networks, and data across the broader organization. These are a few of the questions we help organizations answer.

Bright+3 helps leaders navigate the turbulent waters of new positions, changing programs, and new pressures from rapidly shifting technologies. Our experience spans the spectrum of organizational and executive support but focuses primarily on ensuring that organizational cultures are digital-facing so that organizations can prosper in a rapidly changing environment.

Some of our clients include the Sierra Club, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, The Wilderness Society, and Blue Shield Foundation of California.