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Fundraising is about money, of course, but great fundraising is also an opportunity for supporters to become more engaged and gain a stronger connection to your organization’s work. Bright+3 helps organizations raise more, get supporters involved and help meet your goals. The end of the year is a critical time for your organization.

Year-End Fundraising

Depending on who you talk to, around ⅓ to ½ of donations to nonprofit organizations are given at year end. This has been the case for years but online fundraising has made it easier to give at the last minute (or on the spur of the moment in response to a great pitch).

Are you going to raise as much as you think you should this December? Heck, how are the other 11 months going? If you’re thinking about improving your online fundraising results read on…

What We Do

We bring two approaches to the table:

First, Bright+3 will assess, test, optimize and report. Expert insights and data-driven adjustments can have a big impact when you’re deep in the mists of fundraising campaign planning and implementation. A/B testing, form and mobile optimization will help bump up conversion rates, average gift and social sharing. They’re little things with big impact but time consuming and many organizations just don’t have the in-house skills or time to do it.

Second, we dive into bigger content and strategy needs. Bright+3 can review and help set strategy, set up a realistic fundraising calendar, edit or write content, and help run a social media campaign.

It’s that simple. Attention, data, focus, reporting, skill and time. We provide the same depth of attention no matter how big or small your campaign or organization.

An Investment that Makes Sense

Small changes can have a big impact on your fundraising. We focus on conversions – people submitting your donation form. Open and click through rates are interesting, at best.

Let’s say yours is a local or state group with a 10,000 person email list. Your conversion rate is 1% and average gift is $75. That’s $7,500 on your message. Bump the conversion rate to 1.5% and you have $11,250 (up $3,750).

Have a 100,000 person email list and a 0.5% conversion rate. Bump your average gift from $60 to $85 and you will raise an extra $12,500.

Do your own math. Chances are you can do better and we can get you there with a little bit of time, skill, creativity and moxie. Yeah, we said moxie.

Is a $500 or $1,000 investment in skill and moxie worth an extra five or ten thousand dollars? Still not sure, play around with your own numbers using the email campaign revenue calculator below.



Why Bright+3

Bright+3 founder Ted Fickes has over 15 years experience running online advocacy and fundraising campaigns. He has worked as development director at large nonprofits as well as digital strategist for national advocacy organizations. During this time, Ted has written and coded thousands of email campaigns and hundreds of donation and action forms.

We’re working only with organizations that want to do make a better world by empowering people to change their community, change the culture and change politics. We will go all out to tests, tweak and optimize. If needed, we’ll plan, strategize and write copy. We write code and content — a powerful story is only as good as the design and usability of the landing page form you put in front of the reader.

Let’s Talk

Contact Ted by email or call 720-480-6975 and let’s talk about what you’re thinking. After an initial discussion or two, we’ll typically charge $250 to spend a few hours analyzing data, analytics, forms, code, plans and email messages (or some combination thereof) and preparing a list of recommendations, specific tests to run and code to tweak. We can come in for longer term projects after that or up front if needed.


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