Mythbusters: Seven Myths About Great Nonprofits and Great Executive Directors

1) Myth #1: Your Nonprofit isn’t Really a Business
Actually, it is, and the laws of business physics apply.

2) Myth #2: Spending Money is Bad
Smart investments increase your capacity to do good.

3) Myth #3: You Can Do Everything
You can’t. You have to be strategic and focused.

4) Myth #4: Organizational Cultures Just Happen
You have a huge impact on your organization’s culture.

5) Myth #5: Be Careful About What You Share
In most cases, being more transparent and candid helps your cause and your organization.

6) Myth #6: Viva Martyrdom!
The martyrdom ethic offers a quick path to burnout, not impact.

7) Myth #7: Funding Flows to Great Nonprofits
On the contrary, funding flows to nonprofits that do a great job of fundraising, which has must more to with their fundraising skill than it does with the quality of their work. If you want to be high-impact, you need to do great work and do great fundraising.

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