Social Media Applied: NationalField

There is currently a LOT of talk in nonprofit and advocacy campaign circles about social media and how it can be used in campaigns and more generally in support of organizational goals. Approaches are varied but gradually becoming more sophisticated. Some organizations are putting resources towards integrating social media into staffing, metrics, program plans, membership and more.

Campaign and organization leaders are pressured to “do something” with social media. Pressure that filters down. Meanwhile, program leadership – the folks with day to day responsibility for budgets and staff time and “making things happen” – are wondering how to apply social media in a practical sense. How does it affect the numbers? These are, generally speaking, risk averse people and organizations. For them, models, examples, templates and guidelines are an imperative.

So along comes NationalField and it seems a great opportunity to take a close look at this social media software platform that evolved from the 2008 Obama campaign. TechPresident had a great post on NationalField last week including an interview with Aharon Wasserman, one of the founders.

In a nutshell, NationalField brings a social interaction and metrics platform to field work. It seems, primarily at least at this point, to be a closed/private network for campaign staff and volunteers. Field workers interact, sentiment is gauged and relationships are built. Strong stuff for an effective field operation. Continue reading “Social Media Applied: NationalField”