Innovate and Thrive: A look at “The Future of Nonprofits”

The Future of Nonprofits
The Future of Nonprofits - a deep but very readable dive into organizational innovation
Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. Change. Move forward. Adapt. These are big themes in nonprofits – all organizations – these days. Especially innovation (hence stating it three times). The product, services and constituent landscape is changing very quickly.

How do organizations keep up? How, really, do they stay at all relevant in the eyes of their community, members, donors and clients?

Innovation is a key piece to be sure. And innovation – what it is, how to support it and how to make it work for organizations today – is the core of The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age by David Neff and Randal Moss.

This is a book well worth getting into the hands of your executive director, board chair, other leaders and, well, give it a read yourself while you’re at it (assuming you’re not one of those head honcho types). Fact of the matter is that innovation can and should be pushed from all corners of organizations – every staff person, volunteer, board member and constituent. But, as Neff and Moss point out, “real” innovation must have leadership buy-in and ongoing support. Continue reading “Innovate and Thrive: A look at “The Future of Nonprofits””